The City of Reykjavík has chosen ReSource International, Transition Labs and M/Studio to conduct a feasibility study for the development of an Ecopark around the landfill site of Reykjavík (Álfsnes). The companies will work on a proposal to develop further the industrial ecosystem that has grown in recent years in Álfsnes. The Ecopark’s guiding principle is to find waste streams that can be used as raw material for other activities and develop synergies between industries located in the nearby area or further away. In this way, both landfilling in the capital area and pollution arising from the linear economy are minimized while improving economics and impacts on society.

The project is divided into three parts:

  1. Analysis of resource flows and potential industrial ecosystem.
  2. Social impact and benefits for the capital area.
  3. Management, financing and marketing.

The development of the Ecopark is an essential pillar in the circular economy envisaged in the Green Plan, Reykjavík City’s comprehensive strategy for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions til 2030. On the website of the Green Plan you can find further information on the project.

At the moment, the City of Reykjavík and the team working on the project are advertising for companies and other parties who are interested in having activities in the Ecopark at Álfsnes (more on Hringrásargarður in Álfsnesi).