It´s 25 degrees Celsius outside our Swedish office on Tuesday the 9th of June 2020 and a boat full of enthusiastic volunteers is about to leave from the little port of Slite, Gotland.
The boat is heading towards Enholmen, “the island within the island”, just about 700m away from our office based in Slite Utveckling business park. With equipment at hand, the adventure begins!

The sun is strong and our pilot has even gotten some sunburn, something to remember in our future pre-flight checks and risk assessments. But there he is an adventurer ready to discover the island of Enholmen. Fly over a 3D model Enholmen here.

Yes! You got it, it´s the brand new Matrice 200 RTK 2.0! Ready for mapping!

The flight was commissioned by Slite Utveckling AB in occasion of the inauguration of their first trip of the season to Enholmen. Not only ReSource produced a digital map of the island, but also did we provide the filmmaker with good material for the advertisement video. Click here to see the clip!  

Drones keep showing their potential even in time of crisis!