This year, we participated for the first time in Gasdagarna, a conference organized by Energigas Sverige.

We were in Båstad on May 22-23 to introduce our innovative services regarding the measurement and control of methane emissions! Both in the ground and in the air.

It was very rewarding to see that all network companies take the issue of methane emissions seriously. Together with TP Europe | Emission Measurements and our knowledge of OGMP 2.0, we are ready to tackle many technical challenges regarding the identification, measurement, and quantification of methane gas emissions. With a solid technical and scientific background and access to several types of equipment, we can meet your needs from fieldwork to complex calculations that help your company report and control emissions. Whether you work in the biogas or natural gas industry, we are the right partner for you. Methane is a resource that we can no longer afford to waste. Do you want to know more about how we can support your journey towards reduced methane emissions and less environmental impact?

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