This week we are visiting a large landfill in Spain that is collecting and using the landfill gas in order to produce energy in form of electricity and heat. 

With the intent of monitoring possible escaping surface landfill emissions, our mapping and quantification services were useful to understand how much potential product is lost in the pure financial term. How is this possible in practice? 

Firstly, we measure and quantify the emissions escaping to the atmosphere and give back a result of total flux. Secondly, we provide a clear map of where these emissions are coming from. This information combined together is meaningful not only to engineers or operational staff at the landfill, but also to management who are accountable for taking decisions regarding the planning of the landfilling and gas extraction activity.

For ReSource this is a clear example of how field measurements and improved environmental data collection can be helping a customer to understand the scale of the fugitive emission issue, and turn these results into an action plan.