In October 2022, we received an exciting request for a drone survey for a Green Business Campus development in collaboration with Gotland Ring, the world’s first sustainable race and test circuit, since 2021, also the longest modern standard track in the world. The unique facility is located in the northern part of Gotland, not far from our Swedish office.

Once again ReSource shows versatility in the use of drones when capturing data.

We offer dedicated UAV solutions for environmental monitoring, inspection and surveying. We have access to a multitude of airframes and payloads to fit your needs and work for different industries. Our pilots have demonstrated competency in line with the EU directive 19/947 and we operate in both open and specific categories.

Our strength is to show that data capture can be done precisely and more efficiently in a variety of scenarios. Contact us to find a solution to your project!

Drone flight over Gotland Ring (2022)