There is no Swedish national standard or guidance on which method should be used to measure landfill gas emissions. The project, “Surface emissions of landfill gas – a comparative study”, was an attempt to investigate which method works best for the quantification of diffuse landfill gas emissions. Several technologies were used including our GASTRAQ method. The other methods were flux box, tracer gas, OTM-33a and UAV.

The project involved Force Technology from Denmark, Lund University, Technical University of Denmark and ReSource from Iceland as well as three waste companies: Region Gotland, NSR and Hässleholm Miljö.

The measurements were performed end of year 2019 at three different landfills, Slite on Gotland, Filborna in Helsingborg and Läreda / Vankiva in Hässleholm. 

The final report is available on Avfall Sverige official page. You can also find out about our emission measurement services on the dedicated page for GASTRAQ.

This project was a collaboration between: