Long known for its research of aggregates found in southern Iceland, the firm Jardefnaidnadur, abbreviated “JEI” specializes in processing pumice from Mt. Hekla for building and horticulture. In order to help JEI in defining the environmental impact of their products, ReSource realised a full study including LCA and the production of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) using the standard method provided by the International EPD System.

Product information

Hekla pumice is a lightweight, chemically inert, porous stone of volcanic origin created by a sicilic explosive eruption about 3000 years ago. Iceland’s primary pumice resources are in the southern part of the country. The Grímsnes scoria is a porous, chemically inert, dark-coloured volcanic rock formed by an effusive lava eruption about 5-6000 years ago in the Grímsnes area. Hekla Pumice and Grímsnes Scoria are a natural resource, porous aggregates that have excellent insulating properties and high particle strengths that make this product excellent for various uses in industry and construction.

Company Information

Company Name: Jarðefnaiðnaður ehf.
Country: Iceland

Official page

Use this QR code or this link to access to the official EPD publication on the EPD International website.