ReSource International has developed a method to measure the concentration of methane over landfills sites. The LMC sensor was rented from Pergam Suisse, fitted on a DJI M600 and tested on 3 landfills in Iceland. The sensor is normally used for ground-based leak detection in the natural gas industry, and we have been able to mount it on one of our drones to detect methane leaks in the landfills which we work on. After processing raw data with our 3D elevation models using GIS software, we can create high-resolution maps of emissions and compare them to visible and thermal photographs. 

ReSource International has specialized itself for the past years in landfill monitoring and landfill gas collection systems. In addition, the company is operating a drone program, offering perfect opportunities to apply this technology to landfills. You can find more about our services here and also on our dedicated website for GASTRAQ.

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