The plastic recycling company Pure North ehf. in Hveragerði, Iceland commissioned ReSource to prepare a life cycle analysis (LCA) and an environmental declaration (EPD) for its processing of agricultural film. As a result, Pure North has now joined a group of very few Icelandic manufacturers who have had EPD documents made for their products. The EPD was released by The International EPD® System in April of this year.

The published EPD document can be found here:

EPD® is a certified environmental product declaration, which provides information on the environmental impact on the lifecycle of a product and/or service in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025. The International EPD® system is a system that manages the development and registration of EPD documents for all kinds of goods and services. The system is global, certified by an independent third party and provides easy-to-read documents with a solid background.

ReSource wants to work on LCA and EPD projects for its customers to support them in their journey towards sustainability and to facilitate their dissemination of information about their environmental footprint to their clients by using the reliable EPD system.