ReSource Sverige helped SRV Återvinning AB to map landfill surface emissions by implementing the method GASTRAQ Mapping in Gladö Kvarn (Huddinge) waste facility. After a walkover survey with gas detection equipment, a georeferenced map was created to visualize where diffuse emissions are located. Despite the fact that Sweden has no clear regulatory framework on how to quantify and limit fugitive emissions from landfill sites, SRV has taken steps to practically mitigate possible methane emissions in line with general landfilling practices. Measuring fugitive methane concentrations regularly is an excellent example of how proactively take care of a landfill site, whether it is active, temporarily capped or in aftercare.

ReSource has also improved the display of both gas concentrations and wind conditions measured with our weather station. The collection of weather data during this type of survey is as important as the acquisition of precise gas measurements in order to understand the emissions pathways and sources.

ReSource collaborates with private industries, public government institutions, academia, and other organisations in GHG monitoring projects.