The energy company ON in collaboration with Veiðifélag Andakílsá and landowners in Efri-Hrepp area have worked on the design of a sustainable bank protection along Andakílsá river with the help of an expert from Resource. This is a new method using a mixture of trees with root systems, stones and gravel to create a more natural and flexible bank protection than traditional rock protection. The bank is reshaped 5-7 meters from the riverbank, trees and stones are placed according to a certain procedure, skids are taken, turf is placed back on top and planted on top to strengthen the bank. In a few years, the bank will look like a natural tray.

Jón Örvar G. Jónsson, consultant at ReSource, directed the project together with Magnea Magnúsdóttir at ON. The project also involved foreign consultants from CBEC and McGowan Engineering in Scotland, as well as Icelandic contractors from Jarðmenn ehf.

The project attracted Landan’s attention and you can see discussions about the project here: Sjálfbærar bakkavarnir við Andakílsá / RUV