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We provide consulting and monitoring services with an innovative approach and a strong focus on operation. Our special approach and quality of work are what make our customers satisfied.  Our people’s various backgrounds, experience and projects are covering a large variety of competencies and knowledge to support your projects. Below you can see a non-exhaustive list of services and fields we manage, and we invite you also to visit our Portfolio page to see some of our key projects

Environmental Consulting

We help you in your sustainable transformation

Our environmental experts can deliver work on a variety of environmental topics such as Sustainable Strategy, GHG emissions calculations, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), etc. 

Waste and Resource Management

Because waste is also a resource

From its beginning, ReSource developed concepts around waste management and the utilisation of residual resources into new material or energy sources. We have developed strength in resource engineering and the development of Eco-Industrial parks. We cover most of the topics related to waste management from collection to recycling/recovery including smart technologies.

Drone Services

Efficient land surveying and inspection

ReSource provides remote sensing services such as land surveying based on photogrammetry with drone based technology. We can accurately deliver high-resolution georeferenced data in a cost-efficient matter. We have an extensive experience with surveys and can adapt to many situations. We also deliver drone-based inspection services for the Energy sector to support efficient operation and maintenance.

Air Quality

Monitor air closer to you

Air quality is a serious topic that concerns all of us. We develop solutions to increase the number of measurement points and bring knowledge all the way to the citizens where it does matter.

Research and Development

Benefit from our experience

Over the years, we have participated in various R&D projects of different sizes. We can help others in setting up projects but also consult on the scientific content of development projects. Our customers call us when a project requires people to think out of the box.

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