Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality is a serious issue and there is an increasing public awareness towards the effects of pollution on people’s health and quality of life. ReSource proposes integrated consulting and monitoring services on this topic.

You can discover on this page the main aspects of our work in this field, find out about reference projects and feel free to contact us if you would like to know more regarding air quality management and monitoring.

Air Quality Management

We help your organization to plan

Tackling air quality issues starts with having a solid strategy. The strategy can be implemented at different levels such as a building, a district, a city or the whole country. We can take your organization through the necessary steps of implementing an air quality management strategy and propose solutions to take actions.

air quality platform

Air Quality Network

Bring knowledge to the right level

The classical approach with few air quality monitoring stations in the cities is not enough to really understand how air quality is affected over an area and time. As we want to develop citizen awareness and bring relevant data a public monitoring network presents great advantages.

Monitored parameters

A solution that is flexible

Various parameters can be monitored when looking at air quality. We will help you choose the best sensors to fulfil your needs. We propose solutions that are flexible and scalable.


Because technology and data are not all of it

Air quality is an issue that concerns us all. Our approach is to keep a strong focus on delivering data but also knowledge to the citizens. If you are a public or even a private organization, we probably share the same goals. We can organize with you some workshops, public information meetings, lectures, etc.