Waste and Resources

From its beginning, ReSource developed concepts around waste management and the utilisation of residual resources into new material or energy sources. We have developed strength in resource engineering and the development of Eco-Industrial parks. We cover most of the topics related to waste management from collection to recycling/recovery including smart technologies.

Waste management

Some see waste, we see a challenge

We provide specialised consulting in waste management such as waste stream analysis, collection systems, optimization, etc. Anything related to waste sounds interesting to us.

Eco-industrial parks

Applying industrial ecology to the real world

Our multidisciplinary team can develop the concept of industrial ecology in a determined area or even a region. We will also make sure we have the right partners involved in the project and gather stakeholders towards the same common goal: a more sustainable economy and industry.

By-product management

Because waste is also a resource

Our connections with the industry and our scientific approach are an advantage when finding solutions for your by-product streams. We will focus on creating added value for your by-product and waste.


We can do so much better!

Over the last decade, we have participated actively in landfill operations. We like to focus on daily improvements with our customers while keeping in mind the long-term challenges that landfills are facing.

Our combined services for landfills cover consulting but also monitoring and basic maintenance.

Smart Waste Management

From concept to operation

Smart Waste Management relies in the combination of technologies and improved work processes. The ultimate goal is to bring added-value and make waste management more sustainable.

We have successfully managed to bring smart waste management projects from concept to operation.