ReSource International ehf. has carried out an initial study on what aspects should be considered in a smart bin project in collaboration with Reykjavík city and the partners from the Nordic Smart City Network (NSCN). The work showed that cities have common challenges in the field and that collaboration is a key component to accelerate the implementation of smart city solutions.

Reykjavík city and RSI have implemented a pilot project this summer for smart bin solutions with different sensor providers. The sensors selected have different types of measurement and connectivity in order to test a full panel of solutions available on the market today. In addition, a LoRaWAN gateway will be installed to test specific connectivity and network for smart city solutions. The Gateway/Network could be used to test other types of smart city solutions (lighting, parking, traffic, water, etc.). First results of the pilot are expected after this winter. After the first pilot, it will be possible to efficiently integrate further smart bin solutions within the city operations.