Festa is a non-profit organisation with almost 140 associated members, which are combined mostly of Iceland’s biggest to smallest companies, in addition to public organisations, universities, the City of Reykjavik and a few other municipalities.

Resource International has been a member of Festa for a long time.  Festa´s mission is in line with Resource mission – to make the planet more sustainable for future generations. 

Hákon Gunnarsson, a strategist at Resource is the “pen of the month” for Festa newsletter in March 2021. 

Hákon writes about “Suðurnesjavettvangur” – a cooperation between 4 municipalities in the Reykjanes area and 2 leading companies (Isavia and Kadeco)  in implementing the Social Development Goals, lead by Resource during the last 2 years. Suðurnes area faces big challenges due to the pandemic, unemployment and revenue fall in the tourism sector. This cooperation could be a vital step to build a new mission for revival – based on the ideology of a “sustainable eco system strategy”.

Hákon’s article on Sustainability in Suðurnes