Late Friday evening the 19th of March 2021 a volcanic eruption started in Geldingardalur in Iceland.

ReSource International ehf. staff had been waiting for this and headed toward the eruption with the car loaded with drones, batteries, and gas measurement devices from the GASTRAQ project. We had been dreaming about measuring pollution from volcanic eruptions for several years and finally the opportunity had presented itself. We took position at about 700 m away from the crater and flew at an altitude between 0-100 m through the smoke clouds. We managed to gather incredible data regarding the concentration of SO2, H2S and CO2. What an experience!

The concentration of sulfur dioxide (SO2) was up to 50 ppm

Did you know:

Typical outdoor concentration of sulfur dioxide is between 0-1 ppm?

Sulfur dioxide is invisible but smells like eggs?

Sulfur dioxide enters your body through the lungs and exist with urine?

Short-term exposure of sulfur dioxide over 100 ppm can be life-threatening for humans?

Sulfur dioxide can react with water and form sulfuric acid, but this is what will irritate your eyes, nose and lungs and fall down to earth as acid rain?

Measuring if a person has been exposed to sulfur dioxide is not easily detected with urine sample, blood sample or examination of the lungs?

If you think you might have been exposed to SO2 we recommend you go and see a doctor

Stay safe and have fun! ūüėä


Representatives of ReSource on the first day of eruption in Geldingardalur: From left: Ingibj√∂rg Andrea Berg√ĺ√≥rsd√≥ttir, geologist. Jamie Valleau McQuilkin, environmental specialist. Dan√≠el Eldj√°rn Vilhj√°lmsson, engineer.