We are proud to present the results of our project for the Environmental Agency of Iceland, written at the request of the Ministry of Environment, on the subject of waste incinerators in Iceland.

The report was introduced at a virtual meeting regarding advanced waste incinerators organised by the Association of Municipalities, the Ministry of Environment, and the Association of Waste Management in the southwest region. It’s possible to see a recording of the meeting here in Icelandic (Icelandic)  Meðhöndlun úrgangs.

At the meeting, the Minister for Environment Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson said, “I found it necessary to call for a professional assessment of the possibilities which are available to us regarding incineration with energy recovery. It is clear that there will always be some amount of waste which is not possible to reuse or recycle and that it is better to incinerate this than to landfill it. This report is an important contribution to the debate about the future of incineration in Iceland in the next years and decades, and it is now possible to work further on this issue with co-operation from the state, municipalities and private companies. We should however not forget that the greatest emphasis must be placed on preventing that raw materials become waste, and it is necessary to greatly increase recycling of waste, not least domestically, as part of the circular economy concept.”

The report has been made accessible on the website of the Government of Iceland: Greining á þörf sorpbrennslustöðva á Íslandi