In 2018, ReSource completed the full installation of the landfill gas (LFG) collection system at Fífholt site in Borganes Region. The landfill site is of relatively small size and the challenge was to find a flaring system that could handle small landfill gas flow (50-100 Nm3/h). Where other firms might have thought there was not enough gas to run a flare, we have shown that the landfill operation could be improved significantly without relatively high expenses. This was possible with LowCal flare from Landfill Systems.

The project was run by ReSource from the pre-study, design of the collection, installation and follow up in operation and gas measurements. The landfill site is still receiving waste, but thanks to their effort, the region will save the equivalent of 35 000 tons of CO2 the equivalent of 2500 mid-size vehicle on the road per year.

The project was made in collaboration with: